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As we come from the Geneva Lake region in Switzerland, we named it in reference to our beautiful lake and mountains.

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Banking and Chatbots: “Show me the money”

In the banking industry, conversational assistant ( also called digital agent, chatbot, digital assistant or virtual assistant ) projects is the new black

Conversational Assistants in Banking: Designing Flexible Dialogues

In the previous article on the same topic, I shared a few lessons learned while developing a simple chatbot for client on-boarding and came to the conclusion that technology was not the main challenge, but finding the right dialogue and make it appealing and as natural as possible. Now the question is what is natural while talking or chatting to a banking virtual assistant. Let us discuss how to approach the design of such a dialogue.

On-boarding Virtual Assistant: Myths and Reality

 There is quite a number of myths and legends about virtual assistants. When reading the news and articles, it seems artificial intelligence can learn about everything and then reproduce anything it has learned. This is somewhat true. If it is not trained with business context and rules, that is not helpful. The same applied to artificial intelligence applied to virtual assistants or chatbots.

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